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Keeping your family warm and your heating system running properly through Charlotte winters is a top priority for our team. There could be several reasons why your home’s heating system is not working properly. Our team is equipped with the know-how to diagnose what needs fixing, the expertise to resolve the issue quickly, and the thoroughness to prevent future problems. From furnace troubleshooting to combustion safety testing and complete furnace replacement- we’re your one-stop shop for all your heating system needs. If you woke up this morning to a chilly home, had your furnace take a turn for the worse, are worried about the efficiency of your home heater, or anything else in between- give us a call.

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Heating Repair or Replace?

Does your heating system need a repair or a new furnace installation? Consider asking yourself a few basic questions.

Has my heating system been operating efficiently?

Your system may simply need a maintenance/tune up to run more efficiently. However, if your system is old and not up to today’s efficiency standards, you may want to consider replacement. A new SEER heat pump will end up lowering your electricity bill. By installing a new heating system, the energy required to heat your home will be greatly reduced. Meaning the same warm air, but for less!

Am I spending extra money on inefficient home heating?

Have you seen your monthly heating bill get higher and higher? Chances are your home heater isn’t warming your house properly. This might be because you have a dated heating unit. Installing a new furnace can make a 60% difference in your monthly bill. In other words, your new heating unit could pay for itself.

How old is my heating system?

The age of your heating unit is an important factor to consider when deciding between repairing your current central heating system or installing a new one. Typically, a well maintained furnace should last about 15 years. However, if your central heating is out of date, it could be operating extremely inefficiently, compared to the newest systems designed to meet today’s government standards.

Does my home furnace break down often?

Has your home furnace served you well recently? Or is it constantly in need of repairs? More importantly, is it likely your heating system will need more expensive repairs down the road? You can’t predict the future, but you can think about your system’s past performance. Is it worth saving?

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